Home Hair Colouring – Just Not Worth It

With the onset of the recession more and more people are turning to using home hair colours as an alternative to going to the hairdressers. With household budgets squeezed it’s tempting to think what about if I just use a off the shelf one? Then just visit the hairdressers for a dry cut?. Home colouring is big business and companies spend millions on advertising and celebrity endorsements to persuade us to part with our cash and go out and buy a colouring kit

Are You Worth It?

They are available from £1 to £15 from various retailers in my experience it’s not the price that’s the issue. Most are manufactured at the same factories and cheaper colours are ammonia based, the latest trends are the non-ammonia based ones that have been around hairdressers for years. It’s not just in the application but they are all about the base that the colour is applied to, the condition of the existing hair and the amount of hair shape and many other factors that go into the application and achieving great hair.

Hairdressers employ specialist hair technicians who help clients choose colours for their hair type and give advice on what lift can be achieved or a course of techniques to get to the correct colour. For some styles especially reds colouring sometimes needs to be created in stages to get to the correct shade dependent on the base shade of your existing hair. Each client in a salon is taken on a case by case basis, for instance if the hair is in a problem condition a treatment oil or colour catalyst may be added to the colour before use.

The question is would you risk putting on your hair a self applied colour, yes your hair will grow back whatever you do. What if you cannot walk out of the door after? There’s nothing more embarrassing going to the hair dressers in a hat with ruined hair and paying extra to put the thing right.

There are risks involved in applying colour getting good coverage and the colour to take and keeping the colour away from the skin. I understand that in these, recession hit times there is a place for home hair colouring and people simply cannot afford to visit the salon and spend on colour.

Here’s some alternatives to home hair colouring and may

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help if you want to save money on your hair.

When you visit the hairdressers look for deals with junior stylists, often stylists in their second year just before qualification have intro deals often at half price that of the salon cost.
If you are really on a budget change your style a trend is for full head colours you can go for a full head colour for a few months and have some colours added for a special occasion or special part of the year.
Be flexible with your appointments often salons will have discounted periods out of busy times like Saturdays where they discount their services.
Ask your hairdressers about a colouring style that can suit your current situation
Use a professional hair colour shampoo and conditioners, this will prolong your colour in the long-term. Often hair colours are stripped short after a low cost shampoo and conditioner has been used on a daily basis


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