Premature Ejaculation: A Comprehensive Approach to Healing

For men seeking to maintain and increase intimacy in their relationships, few problems can be as vexing and frustrating as premature ejaculation. The combination of climaxing too soon and being unable to fulfill and satisfy a partner can be devastating, both physically and emotionally.

Unfortunately, trying to treat and heal premature ejaculation isn’t just a matter of performance. Causes can vary widely, and they often fall into several categories. Designing the right approach involves knowing what the categories are, how the causes work and what specific treatments and techniques are best for you.

Let’s Get Physical

One of the most common initial physical approaches to stop premature ejaculation is the so-called “squeezing” technique during intercourse. This involves squeezing the shaft of the penis before ejaculation can occur. The effectiveness of this tactic tends to be hit and miss; some experts feel it’s too difficult to perform during intercourse and puts even more performance pressure on men. tramadol 225 mg tablets for sale It has been successful in some cases, though, and at least making the effort can be helpful when it comes to accumulating self-knowledge.
A close relative of squeezing is the stop-and-start technique. In this technique, men are instructed not to do any thrusting initially during intercourse to avoid premature arousal. From there, they learn to stop sexual stimulation for up to 30 seconds when nearing climax, then start again.

This process is sometimes monitored by a sex therapist, who will include extended foreplay to help learn to control the level of stimulation. Different sexual positions that allow more control are also sometimes incorporated into this approach, and therapy can be part of the process as well.

The Therapeutic Approach

Cognitive therapy, which is also known as talk therapy, has also been shown to be a good approach to healing premature ejaculation. It allows partners to address fears, guilt or interpersonal problems that may be causing PE or playing a part in the problem.

Mental distraction is another related tactic that is sometimes used. In this method, men are taught to think of something unrelated to sexual performance, and develop unique mental images to keep them from focusing excessively on the PE possibility.

Another approach that is sometimes used along with therapy is biofeedback. which involves getting electrical feedback from the muscles that control ejaculation. Biofeedback tends to be more effective when integrated with physical techniques such as yoga and Kegel exercises, which increase muscle tone and specifically address the muscles of the pelvic floor.

All of these approaches are sometimes combined with drug therapy and holistic therapy, which adds a variety of treatments to the healing formula.

Topical Treatments, Drugs and Holistic Healing

One of the most common external treatments for PE is topical creams, which usually contain a numbing agent such as lidocaine. This decreases sensitivity, which often gives men more control over when they ejaculate. Condoms should be worn when using these creams, otherwise the numbing effect can be transferred to the partner.

Another somewhat successful approach is the use of oral medications. This involves taking anti-depressants such as Zoloft, Paxil and Prozac, which affect serotonin uptake and can also delay ejaculation. These medications usually work better when taken on a daily basis, rather then just before sex. They should also only be used under medical supervision, because they can also lead to a loss of libido and there are side effects. The pain killer Tramadol can also delay climax, but it often comes with a variety of undesirable side effects as well.

On the holistic side, almond milk is the most commonly recommended holistic treatment, along with mustard oil, castor oil or sesame oil. These ingredients are often combined with other herbs, such as angelica, cinnamon, cloves and ginseng into capsules or herbal formulas.

One final hope for healing premature ejaculation involves the use of erectile dysfunction drugs such as Cialis, Viagra, and so on. These drugs help delay ejaculation and obviously help maintain an erection, but much of the research about their effectiveness is either flawed, incomplete or both.

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