the internet browser wars

For the more initiated, the internet browser wars happen to be very interesting. Just five years back, when the tabbed bliss of Firefox was initially beginning to gain a bit of recognition, people looked up from their impossibly sluggish as well as buggy Internet Explorer 6 browsers, and they could not imagine that the internet could be made very easy to get around. People began to swear long term commitments to Firefox, the internet browser which had shown them the way. People never knew what they were missing on Firefox though, right up until Google made a decision to throw its hat into the ring. No offense to Firefox; they have been creating new updates as well as designs monthly for some time now, and every model shows improvements on the previous one with a 5% or 10% bump up in speed. But as hard as they try, Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 are becoming a tad too bloated for their own good. For all the speed raises they get, they still take forever to start up (Firefox, particularly), and brand new webpages take that much more longer that you would notice. The Google web browser, Chrome, has been around for nearly 2 years now; and it would be in underestimation to merely declare that it was fast. Chrome starts up almost before you click on the icon.

First off. Chrome is definitely consistent. If you have a dozen tabs open, check it out in the Task Manager. It does not list them as Firefox does, as just one internet browser application open. Each tab is listed as its own process, with its very own memory space and processor allocation. In case one tab has a catastrophic crash, the other tabs are not affected. The user experience is actually better as well; Internet Explorer and Firefox have a layer upon layer of toolbars and menu bars and address bars cluttering up the top. Chrome is very minimalist, it does not even contain a title bar. It just makes things much smoother to not have to stare at two dozen permanent options constantly.

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