Traditional Gold Jewelry Reviewed

Gold is the most beautiful metal known to humankind. Gold is believed to be the first metal used by humans for decoration and adornments. Citations about gold being used in abundance by Egyptian civilizations were found in hieroglyphs of 26th century BC. Since those times, gold is the major metal used for creating ornaments, statues, and various other instruments.

Gold is the most valuable metal, next only to platinum. It is a symbol of richness and aristocracy. This is why gold ornaments are the most extensively worn jewelry by women. Its luster and aesthetic beauty cannot be matched by any other metal. Gold jewelries were extensively used since primitive times by mankind. Gold was an important household component of every civilization. In those times, gold coins represented wealth and were used as an exchange for commodities, land, or cattle. In those days, gold was also widely used to make utensils and idols; nevertheless, jewelry making was the prime function of this golden metal.

In the olden days, the art of jewelry making was an important traditional occupation. It required skills which were both acquired and inborn. The person who created gold ornaments from gold alloys was known as a goldsmith. The knowledge of this craft was passed on traditionally only to the younger generations of these goldsmiths.

Gold is a very malleable and soft metal. This character of gold makes it easy to mold. However, due to its soft nature it has to be supported by other stronger metallic compounds while creating jewelry. This is essential for its durability. But these add-ons are needed only in small proportions. Copper was being used for this reason. Nowadays, silver is also extensively used, however, copper is more preferred because it adds a reddish pallor to the magnificent golden color which increases its aesthetic beauty.

Traditional jewelries are always in demand. Especially in places like India where gold jewelry is an integral part of every woman’s life. Women in here adorn themselves with gold jewelries for every religious and social ceremony. It is considered as a privilege as well as their right. Machine cut ornaments can never supersede the ethnic beauty reflected by a piece of gold jewelry molded through age-old measures and methods of this ancient art. This is the reason why traditionally designed jewelries are more costly than the ones designed with designing machines. The classic designs are typical ones, many of which cannot be created by means of machines. Several ornaments had to be essentially hand made for them to depict the traditional patterns with flawless precession. This increases the making charges for such ornaments. Moreover, these designs have a royal touch to it which is why such ornaments have a high demand for cultural and religious purposes and occasions like marriage, traditional dance, and other auspicious practices

The trade of gold jewelry is an evergreen industry where traders and merchants are constantly competing to provide the best designer ornaments at best economical prices. However, gold is an eternal metal and adorning oneself with gold jewelry is every woman’s passion. Hence, one has to be careful while choosing them.

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